2020 Vision – My List of 100 Dreams

a list of 100 dreams or bucket list

At the start of the new year (when we were all still thinking 2020 was going to be ‘our year’), I decided to organize and host a 2020 vision board party for the very first time. 

As part of the pre-work before attending the party, I asked the attendees to brainstorm 100 dreams for their life. For many of us, our dreams have laid dormant in our hearts. We often put our dreams on hold and don’t take the time to invest in ourselves. The purpose of the exercise was to revive the dreams that have died or give permission to dream big — possibly for the first time. 

Your list of ‘100 dreams’ does not have to be extravagant. The dreams can be places you want to visit, books you want to read, foods you want to eat, places you want to volunteer, charities you want to bless financially, and on and on!

I tried to dial back on my dreams in the travel department because literally, my entire list could be places I want to travel to. Around dream 60 I started to run out of steam and – you’ll quickly notice – I still have nine dreams left to write. The point is to take time to actually put some thought behind the dreams in your heart!

If you just want to creep through my list, and judge my dreams, read on!

My List of 100 Dreams

  1. Learn to speak Arabic
  2. Travel to Israel
  3. Travel to Australia
  4. Travel to Bali
  5. Visit Peru
  6. Visit Zanzibar
  7. Vacation to a neighboring country of Uganda (Kenya or Rwanda) 
  8. Climb Mt Rwenzori
  9. Visit the Great Pyramids
  10. Ride in a hot air balloon
  11. Learn to ski
  12. Travel to Sipi Falls 
  13. Go in a deprivation tank
  14. Experience zero gravity
  15. Write a New York Times Best Seller 
  16. Learn to play “How Deep The Fathers Love for Us” on the piano
  17. Own a horse
  18. Be able to live on 50% of our income and give 50% to other causes/people that are important to us
  19. Foster and/or adopt
  20. Make a quilt
  21. Compose a song
  22. Open a library, coffee shop, coworking, gym space in Uganda
  23. Build our dream home
  24. Buy farmland or land to have a horse
  25. Write and illustrate a children’s book (preferably with my sister)
  26. Be an extra in a film
  27. Speak in ten countries
  28. Develop four different revenue streams 
  29. Become a life coach
  30. Build my own business and find freedom in entrepreneurship instead of employment
  31. Double my personal income (2020)
  32. Add new courses to The Zoe House program 
  33. Have $1,500 in monthly donations (2020) The Zoe House 
  34. Get paid to speak at an event
  35. Bring home and healing to millions of women around the world through my words
  36. Live next to my best friends
  37. Have a greeting card I write published and sold
  38. Meet Ellen Degeneres
  39. Meet Warren Buffett
  40. Write a column for Inc, Forbes or another top-tier media outlet
  41. Publish something in a print medium (magazine, newspaper)
  42. Write a piece of fiction
  43. Get a dog
  44. Take a billboard road trip
  45. Swing on the “End of the World” Swing in Baños, Ecuador
  46. Read 2 books a month
  47. Own a pool and hot tub 
  48. Create work that inspires others to move their life forward and take next steps
  49. Mentor/coach someone
  50. Grow an online business to sustain my lifestyle
  51. Partner with Lori on a business
  52. Partner with Shayla on something 
  53. Help someone get a job
  54. Have more laugh stands
  55. Go to Bob Goff’s Dream Big conference
  56. Get my husband’s company PR
  57. Conquer my anxiety
  58. Learn to cook a signature dish that I absolutely love 
  59. Find a work out activity that is my jam
  60. Attend Rachel Hollis RISE conference
  61. Visit the Grand Canyon
  62. Take Serenity to NY when she turns 18
  63. Be on a podcast
  64. Develop the Jesus Frees Us by having products, testimonies and consistent content
  65. Write a devotional
  66. Read the bible every day
  67. Give a TedTalk
  68. Pay for my parents to go on a dream trip
  69. Learn to use chopsticks
  70. Spend a full day without my phone
  71. Create a home office that is my oasis and inspiration for writing
  72. Get a professional headshot
  73. Have another epic girls’ weekend with my mom, sister, and Serenity
  74. Take a creative writing class
  75. Perfect my baking skills so that my grandchildren always remember me for it
  76. Get eyelash extensions at least one
  77. Wake up earlier than I want to during the week
  78. Learn to drive in Uganda
  79. Do more hand-written correspondence and thank you notes
  80. Purchase a car that is comfortable for me
  81. Start a garden when I move out of the apartment
  82. Have homes in both Uganda and America
  83. Join a book club
  84. Join a Hope*Writers circle
  85. Own bicycles to ride in Uganda
  86. Discover what activities create an atmosphere of rest for me
  87. Live in another country for a month (not Uganda/America) 
  88. Create a massive in-home library
  89. Have a date night/day with my husband 2x a month
  90. Learn photography 
  91. Sharpen my prayer warrior skills

I know this dream list will change over the year, but I am excited to see how many will come to fruition. It seems odd to talk about dreams during COVID-19 season, but what better season to focus on the dreams you wish to see come to pass in your lifetime.

What are the top 100 dreams for your life?

I would encourage you to begin a list like the one above. If you are feeling brave, I would love to know in the comments below your top five dreams! 

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  1. Ashiram Kavuma says: Reply

    This is beautiful and inspiring. Seen your Rav4 in there 😀

    1. Or I can swap for a Pajero!

  2. So how many came true? I take the travel ones went out the window, but what about the rest?

    1. This is a list of 100 dreams for my life (not 2020) so I have a while to cross them all off!

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