How I knew my husband was the one

christian dating and marriage

Today my husband and I are celebrating our two year anniversary. To commemorate the day, I wanted to share a never-been-told story – the moment I knew I wanted to spend forever with Ashiram. For those who aren’t familiar with our love story, let me give you a quick overview. Ashiram, who was living in Nigeria at the time, found my writing online. When he went to my Facebook page, he saw my semi-recent baptism picture and was intrigued. He sent a simple and kind message to me about the power of my writing to draw people to Christ. About a month later I saw the message and we began exchanging messages back and forth.  We bonded over Jesus and country music. And, well, now we’ve been married two whole years. Told you it would be a quick overview! As you can imagine, the world of online dating can make determining if someone could be your significant other a challenge. You can’t really see that person in “all seasons” as the Christian people always recommend for dating. All you have to go on is communication to build a foundation for your relationship, which is one of the strongest foundations in […]

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