Watered-Down Faith

Christians are like bottles of Coke. 

When we are living out the gospel and doing mission-minded Kingdom work, we taste like a refreshing, cold Coke that tingles the senses with its bubbles and fizz. 

But when we’ve put our faith on the backburner we turn into a dull, watered-down Coke with zero carbonation.

Nobody likes to sip a watered-down Coke. 

We live in a time where everybody is encouraged to ‘live their truth’ unless that truth contradicts the teachings of Jesus Christ and biblical values. The same people that advocate for freedom of expression and have no problem vocalizing their beliefs, usually are the first to shame or condemn Christians for theirs. The only opinions that are allowed, are those that match the world’s distorted views. Christians are labeled as close-minded or having antiquated beliefs on family, marriage, gender, and the sanctity of life. 

This is the current trend, and if you are paying attention, you’ve probably caught wind of this too. 

I’m alarmed by the direction our world is going in and, even more so, concerned with my personal lack of boldness in speaking up about my faith. The woman who used to have a bible study at the bar is now shrinking back and tongue-tied into silence. The woman who almost invited her entire work department to her baptism is sheepish to mention Jesus’ name among coworkers now. 

The thing is, I am either all in for Jesus or I am not. There is no middle ground. 

The good news is if we are struggling to change our watered-down ways, we can always find our way back to living for the Kingdom.

Recently, I told someone I was crossing my fingers for them when in reality I was praying for their circumstances.  Fear of ridicule to speak  MY TRUTH consumes me. My truth no longer has a single ounce of value in the eyes of others. 

I thought to myself, “What if I offend someone? It’s better to play it safe.” 

Yet, when other people speak their beliefs they have zero concern for offending someone else. 

Why can’t I be as bold again? 

The truth is Jesus literally transformed my life. Once a girl who searched for love and meaning in toxic relationships, drank copious amounts of alcohol to numb my pain, and felt like displaying my body was a way to define my worth is now living a completely transformed life. Jesus took my shambles and shaped my life like the perfect potter molds his clay into a beautiful creation. 

That’s my truth. 

Here’s to the courage to speak up and live it out. The last thing I want is a watered-down faith that tastes like a Coke that’s lost its carbonation.

2 Replies to “Watered-Down Faith”

  1. I love the ending “watered-down faith that tastes like a Coke that’s lost its carbonation”

  2. Sheila N Wavamunno says: Reply

    May God give us the boldness to speak and live out our faith!! The world is in need of Jesus – the Good News!!

    Thank you Tiff 🙂
    Keep writing!!

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