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Welcome to our ‘Freedom From’ series! Every month we share stories of women who have found freedom from a hurt, habit, or hang up and want to encourage others that the same freedom is theirs for the taking. Today we are chatting about anxiety with entrepreneur, mom, and wife Brandie Johnson.

How the struggle with anxiety started 

My struggle with worry and fear began as a child, although I can’t pinpoint any extenuating circumstance that led to me feeling that way. I just remember often expecting the worst possible outcomes and becoming anxious about little things.

I realized that I needed help to find freedom from anxiety after having a panic attack at work. Worry and fear had so consumed me to the point that anxiety was taking over my life, and I knew that it needed to be addressed.

Brandie Johnson

At the time, I was working on my masters in counseling, and we had to participate in counseling as part of the program. I worked with a counselor on campus to identify triggers and develop coping resources for when I felt anxious.

How life has changed since finding freedom from anxiety

There are instances when I still struggle with anxiety; however, I feel better equipped to address those feelings. I pray and meditate on the truth of God’s Word, and I use grounding techniques, like deep breathing, to help me relax in the moment. If you find yourself struggling in this area too I would say anxiety, worry, and fear don’t have to rule your life. Jesus is present and able to free you from anxiety related to past experiences or future possibilities.

Brandie Johnson is a wife, mom, and entrepreneur who has a heart for women walking similar paths in life. She ministers to others through blogging, creating Biblically-inspired products and leading a community for entrepreneurs. You can find out more about Brandie by checking out her Instagram, blog, or website

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  1. This is a great testimony, and i love that she learned to “identify triggers and develop coping resources for when I felt anxious.”

    1. Yes! Very encouraging to hear that there are practical things one can do to also find freedom in certain areas.

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