Bad Company Corrupts Good Character

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The other morning I wanted to whip up scrambled eggs for breakfast. With two eggs cracked and in the bowl I went to grab the final egg to join its friends. As I cracked it on the side of the glass bowl not only did a dark liquid seep into the bowl, but the egg cracked in such a fragmented way that its juice launched out like a missile and came crashing onto my clothes. Immediately the revolting, foul odor made my stomach lurch and my gagging reflex shift into high gear. I clutched the counter as the putrid smell assaulted my senses. Ridiculously, I contemplated attempting to save the good yolks from the effects of the bad yolk, but as the grayish liquid began to expand and greet the bright, yellow yolks in the bowl I knew I had to count my losses. My breakfast which was perfectly fine two eggs in became contaminated by the third egg’s presence. I stripped off my rotten-egg peppered clothes, rushed the trash to the bin outside, opened wide every door for fresh air and doused myself in GermEx knowing if I didn’t take the extra measures to separate the stench from my […]

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