What I learned during three weeks of temporary parenting

adoption and parenting in Uganda

In Uganda, children get a long break from school over the Christmas holiday. Most kids are out of school from the beginning of December to the beginning of February. My husband and I decided it would be good to have Harunah, the boy my mother-in-law takes care of, come stay with us in the city and experience Kampala. But in a moment of brilliant thinking, I recommended inviting another boy who is Harunah’s age to stay with us too. My logic was they would have each other to play with. It seemed harmless, but I wasn’t prepared for all that comes with taking care of two boys. After three weeks of temporary parenting, here are the lessons I learned as a mom aka meal-making machine. 1. I’m the one in charge Because I was trying to juggle working from home and keeping kids alive, I had a rule to only come in my room if there was an absolute emergency. I guess the word “emergency” is vague because I heard knocks on my door every fifteen minutes. Sometimes Harunah would come in, tell me what Jeremy did wrong and then I would say, “Oh, that’s too bad.” Until it dawned on […]

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When rejection reveals your purpose

rejection can lead to finding purpose

Right after college, I went headfirst into a corporate environment. My goal was to get my foot in the door and rise up in the ranks. In typical Millennial fashion, a fire ignited inside of me at the thought of all the possibilities within my reach. To my surprise, I actually loved my job as an administrative assistant in the marketing department. As much as I found fulfillment in my current role, I knew I needed a career path that didn’t include getting coffee for the CMO or planning the lunch menu for an offsite. An administrative assistant position could only take me so far before I reached a dead end. The communications department drew my attention. I always wanted to be a storyteller and why not capture the stories of the talented, passionate people I worked with? A job opened up that was about four levels higher than my current position. I didn’t know this at the time, but it’s almost impossible to make that career move without some serious approvals. I approached my manager with the opportunity and he said, “Go for it!” With his blessing, I typed up my application in a frenzy. Was I naive? Possibly. […]

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Laughing Our Way Back to Life

christian encouragement and jokes to make you laugh

I displayed a sign proudly on my desk at work that said, “Ask me for the laugh of the day.” I would share a silly joke with any innocent bystander willing to take me up on the offer. Laughter rippled across cubicles as I shared cheesy jokes that should never see the light of day. Shortly after I started spewing out jokes, I began an intensive nine-month healing journey to recover from pain in my past. Dejected and deflated, I tucked the sign away in a drawer. For a season, life lost its color and I lost my laugh. A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit. (Proverbs 15:13) My spirit had been crushed, but Jesus longed to restore my brokenness. As He tenderly returned laughter to my life, a new fervor erupted inside of me to loan laughs to others that may have lost their laugh along the way too. Laughter can’t erase our pain, but it can ease it. This revelation birthed the Laugh Stand. To finish reading this post, click here and join me today at Incourage.  Sign up here to receive free notes from (in)courage, sent right to your inbox daily! Interested […]

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Bad Company Corrupts Good Character

character, scrambled eggs, breakfast recipe, God lessons, life lessons

The other morning I wanted to whip up scrambled eggs for breakfast. With two eggs cracked and in the bowl I went to grab the final egg to join its friends. As I cracked it on the side of the glass bowl not only did a dark liquid seep into the bowl, but the egg cracked in such a fragmented way that its juice launched out like a missile and came crashing onto my clothes. Immediately the revolting, foul odor made my stomach lurch and my gagging reflex shift into high gear. I clutched the counter as the putrid smell assaulted my senses. Ridiculously, I contemplated attempting to save the good yolks from the effects of the bad yolk, but as the grayish liquid began to expand and greet the bright, yellow yolks in the bowl I knew I had to count my losses. My breakfast which was perfectly fine two eggs in became contaminated by the third egg’s presence. I stripped off my rotten-egg peppered clothes, rushed the trash to the bin outside, opened wide every door for fresh air and doused myself in GermEx knowing if I didn’t take the extra measures to separate the stench from my […]

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Am I in an abusive relationship?

Being in an abusive relationship is often alternating between fear and love.

I remember a night cowering in the corner as my boyfriend at the time lifted his fist to hit me. He never followed through, but I remember thinking in my mind, “Please, not this again.” I had just gotten out of an abusive relationship and by “gotten out” I mean this person went to jail and that seemed like the opportune time to make my getaway. My past is not pretty. I was reckless in relationships and allowed people to control and manipulate me. I struggle with codependency and people-pleasing which is pretty much a recipe for disaster unless I am aware of these characteristics and make a conscious effort to run in the opposite direction of them. I find a sick fulfillment in emptying myself out to “fix” a person. Maybe this is a healthy quality in some situations,  but when it comes to your significant other it will only lead to destruction and result in wrong relationship repetition.  Like a dog to its vomit, so a fool repeats her folly. I was a fool. In order to break a stronghold, you must first recognize it as one. It’s that one thing you can’t seem to shake. The one thing that snaps you […]

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