I’m secretly sipping from the cup of comparison

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I’m secretly sipping from the cup of comparison, but all it’s doing is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. Chances are either you, or a friend of yours,  has taken a break from social media because they feel inundated with “my life is better than yours” messages on a daily basis. You can go from happy to hopeless in a matter of seconds after scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. You thought you had your life together? Well, think again Sloppy Sue because Perfect Patty just cooked a six-course meal, while sanding her new kitchen table, painting a statement door, and making sure to whip up something like this for her kids. I totally get it. I’ve never been one to be jealous of a friend getting married and beginning her happily ever after. I always thought getting married before the age of 25 was a lot like leaving a party before 10 anyway. And baby announcements don’t send me into a panic just because I feel like it should be my turn to enjoy baby bliss. I don’t get jealous of seeing girls with a six-pack, mainly because I would never forfeit my ice cream for a butt without […]

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Attitude of Gratitude 

I’ve given Thanksgiving a second-place trophy for best holiday of the year. First place going to Halloween. The reason Halloween ranks number one in my book is a blog for another day. Why is Thanksgiving runner up on my list? When thanksgiving approaches people tend to reflect more on what they are grateful for in their life and champion an attitude of gratitude. I mean who doesn’t love more sincere thank yous? A couple years ago I made turkey construction paper cut-outs using the outline of my hand and wrote on the hand what I appreciated most about each family member. Super elementary, I know, but don’t you dare judge me! Naturally, I thought everybody else was riding my thankfulness train, so I suggested over Thanksgiving dinner that we should go around the table and say one thing we were thankful for. And that was the last year I was invited to family Thanksgiving. Kidding. I tried to to do it earlier this year because all the siblings were in the same place for the first time in FOREVER and they exasperatedly said, “UGH, not this again. It’s not even Thanksgiving YET.” You have been warned… just in case you ever want me to be your dinner guest. Christmas dinner I kick it […]

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