My Goal Is To Get a Grip in 2016

My goal is to get a grip in 2016.

When I was a kid I took gymnastic lessons both in Texas and Illinois. Honestly, jumping in the big foam pit was always the highlight of my lesson. So, basically, my parents shelled out big bucks for their daughter to take a leap and get swallowed up in a giant foam pit. Thanks, Mom and Dad! Although I threw in the towel somewhere between clumsy cartwheels and flimsy flip flops I still hold a fascination for talented gymnasts especially ones that compete on the always-intimidating uneven bars. Now, it was entirely evident I was no Gabby Douglas in the making, I couldn’t even generate enough momentum and grip to traverse the monkey bars on the playground at school. I would hang like a limp noodle as my limbs dangled above the gravel ground that awaited my return upon allowing gravity to triumph over Tiffany. But can you picture those professional gymnasts who conquer the uneven bars with poise and power? What a beautiful representation of the life I live. It seems like I am constantly twisting, turning, leaping and at times completely airborne wondering if I’ll stick my landing or wind up face-first in a tangled mess. So here I am swinging through this uneven life looking to the expert gymnast’s example for my own life. I hold my breath as I see her twirl up in the air. Seconds seem like hours to me. For a moment she doesn’t have a grip on anything, because it’s critical to let go of your grip completely on one thing to land the grip of a better thing. Maybe you have to let go of a good dream for a God dream? Maybe you need to let go of a toxic habit to gain a healthier lifestyle God is calling you toward? Maybe you need to let go of a hurt you are harboring to gain freedom and peace? Like a gymnast in God’s kingdom, every morning I want to chalk up my hands, as God catapults me into the day. If you’ve watched the Olympics, you’ll catch a glimpse of gymnasts applying copious amounts of chalk to absorb excess sweat to keep them from slipping during their routine. You see there’s always going to be something of excess in your life that will impede your progress or cause you to crash if you don’t prepare properly. It reminds me of God cutting away everything in me that doesn’t bear fruit and then continuing to prune what is left. You see the chalk is like removing what is not going to help them accomplish the task that awaits ahead. Without the chalk they would fail. They would slip. They would fall. May I daily embrace and apply the chalk (God’s word) in my life to help me remain firm in the one who is faithful.

My sights are set on tightening my grip on the gospel and my good, good father. Hebrews 10:23 encourages us to “ hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who has promised is faithful.” I want to white-knuckle hope like my life depends on it. I want to get a grip on mercy. I want to get a grip on grace. I want to get a grip on selflessness. I want to get a grip on humility. I want to get a grip on patience. I want to get a grip on wild obedience. But I can’t grip the things of God if I am still clutching the things of the world to my chest. I must exchange my kingdom coming for God’s kingdom coming. I want to let go of insecurity. I want to let go of fear. I want to let go of doubt and second-guessing myself. I want to let go of old, unhealthy patterns. I want to let go of comparison. I want to let go of anxiety. I want to let go of people-pleasing. I want to let go of pride. I want to let go of mood swings (Lord, help me). Yes, my goal is to get a grip in 2016, but more importantly I want God to grip my heart for the things that grip His. I want him to deeply effect me in ways I’ve never been effected. Grip me God as I get a grip in 2016. What are you letting go of in 2015 to make room for what God wants you to grip in 2016?

“Rather, cling tightly to the Lord your God as you have done until now.” Joshua 23:8

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