Stranger Danger

Spiritual stranger danger is a real thing, y’all. I can’t get past a specific verse. It’s been on a post-it note above my bed for months because I deeply desire the verse to be a reflected in my life. Parents often tell their children, “Don’t talk to strangers.” They say this as a warning to protect their children from potential harm. Jesus sends us the same message. Be careful who you allow to speak into your life. Be careful who you give your microphone to.

John 10:4-5 “…and his sheep follow him because they KNOW his voice. But they will never follow a stranger; in fact they will run away from him because they do not recognize a stranger’s voice.” 

I want to be so dialed into God that when a stranger comes calling I send them to voicemail automatically. Better yet,  I just go ahead and block their calls. As a person who possesses a people pleasing spirit deflecting what others say to listen to what God says is no easy task. I literally die a little inside disappointing people, but a greater death would occur if I dismiss the only voice that matters. Strangers distract you from the things of God while God’s voice attracts you to things that draw you closer to him. May I continue to follow the voice of the Shepherd among the shouts of strangers. May the voice of a stranger sound like a foreign language to me compared to the calling of Jesus. May I press mute on what doesn’t matter and amplify what does.

My post is short and sweet this time. If you could pray this verse over me I would greatly appreciate it. If there is something I can pray with you about, please leave a comment below and I would love to join you in your journey.

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