Hurricane Irma Prayer Strategy Printable

Hurricane Irma Prayer Strategy Printable

Hurricane Irma is rapidly picking up speed and force. I wholeheartedly believe in the collective power of prayer and calling on the name of Jesus. This morning I couldn’t sleep thinking about the impending hurricane headed toward the Caribbean and US this week. The images of devastation in South Texas continue to flash in my mind. If there’s anything I’ve learned in my walk with Jesus is the power of praying His word – especially when I don’t have the words to pray. Beth Moore says in Living Free: Learning to Pray God’s Word, “God has handed us two sticks of dynamite with which to demolish our strongholds: His Word and prayer. What is more powerful than two sticks of dynamite placed in separate locations? Two strapped together.” This is an urgent time to use those two sticks of dynamite.

CNN meteorologist and weather anchor Tom Sater stated on Monday, “There is a small window. If it turns sooner rather than later, we could maybe see the system slide by the East Coast into the ocean, but that window is shutting quickly.” He goes on to explain, “It definitely looks like we will be impacted by a major hurricane that is a Category 3, 4 or 5.”

I’ve created a prayer strategy to proactively pray against the potential havoc of Hurricane Irma this week.Will you join me in raising our unified voice in prayer?

Hurricane Irma Prayer Strategy Printable

Please comment with additional prayer strategies you are using to calm the churning waters in the Atlantic Ocean.

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  1. Janet Pfandler says: Reply

    Tiffany. Thank you so much for pinning this and the other prayer. My prayer has been answered. My family have a safe place to stay in a house that was built to be hurricane safe. Thanks be to God.

    1. Janet, I am thrilled to hear they are in a hurricane-safe place. Watching the news has been devastating. I continue to pray for the people of Florida and the Carribean. It looks like more hurricanes are moving and we must stand in fierce prayer.

  2. What beautiful prayers, girl! Thank you for sharing!

    1. There’s power in prayer. I believe the collective prayer of God’s people is what downgraded that Hurricane. I know the devastation exists, but the destruction could have been much worse… at least for Florida residents.

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