Day 1 in Cape Town: Traveling to the village

Ocean vacation for a travel blogger

Before Ashiram and I ever crossed paths, I randomly told someone I couldn’t date him because I was going to Africa the next year and all my dreams were coming true in a treehouse in Africa. Well, what do you know I DID end up going to Uganda the next year and the wedding venue Ashiram chose had just installed a treehouse. I’m still trying to figure out if it was prophetic or just extremely freaky. Naturally, when my husband and I sat down to plan accommodation in Cape Town, I instantly fell for this treehouse.

What to do in Cape Town South Africa

We booked our first night in this treehouse which is out of the center of Cape Town. When we got to the airport, I requested for a Taxify and gave my husband the pleasure of trying to tell the driver where we were. Within seconds I had a man waving, flashing a big grin and asking to grab my suitcases. People had warned me about crime in Cape Town, so when he started walking away rather briskly I ran to catch up. Over the one-hour drive, we quickly found out Mdu is one of the best men ever. By the end of the trip, he had become our trusted friend and a part of our family.

The treehouse is located in Scarborough, a village in South Africa. When I hear the word village, immediately images of water wells, pit latrines and food cooked over a sigiri come to my mind. Oh, it looks like we aren’t in a Ugandan village anymore. A crisp, cool breeze and water a shade of blue I didn’t even know existed greeted us in this village. This village life I could get used to.

Ocean vacation for a travel blogger

We quickly greeted our host, changed out of our travel clothes and headed down to try one of the three places where you could grab a bite to eat before the town shut down. Scarborough is a different world. All the food on the menu at The Hub Cafe sounded organic, yet packed full of flavor. My taste buds didn’t even know what to do with themselves.

Raymond (Rambo) was our waiter and he brought us a menu that did not disappoint. I mean look at this. My stomach is grumbling over here again. The best burger I’ve had in a long time.


Picking the best restaurants on vacation
After dinner, I wanted to catch the sunset at the beach. Cue hopeless romantic swooning. We ran into a few problems though. One, the wind during this season is fierce and relentless. The sand being swept away by the wind felt like a thousand tiny razor blades slicing my skin. There goes my romantic sunset walk on the beach.

Vacation near the atlantic ocean in cape town

I would have endured it, but then I realized I was on Uganda sunset time of 6:30pm. In Scarborough, the sunset didn’t go down until around 9:00pm. I still caught a glimpse of it but from the comfort of the treehouse.

Sunset on the atlantic ocean cape town south africa

The wind howled and slammed against the walls of our treehouse. It would have been terrifying, but I was sleeping in a bed made of angels’ wings. I kid you not. I fell asleep at 9:00pm and woke up at 10:00pm. As I looked at my clock, I could have sworn the bed doubled as a time machine because my one hour of sleep felt like 13 years of sleep. I couldn’t believe it. I checked the time on my phone five times and then went back to sleep. If you want to sleep in the best bed ever, book a night at the treehouse in Scarborough. But beware of the baboons.

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