Christmas and Cape Town

Holiday and vacation in Cape Town

Honeymoon in Cape Town? Say no more.

When my husband and I were dating, he mentioned wanting to spend our honeymoon in Cape Town. Once I did some research on Cape Town, I was hooked too. Who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to go to the adventure capital of the world?

As I moved from America to Uganda and we planned our wedding it looked like an immediate honeymoon wasn’t in the cards. I gave him a hard time about this because I told him on multiple occasions I would get married under a mango tree as long as it meant we would have the opportunity to go on a honeymoon.  After over a year of long-distance dating, I eagerly desired this time together before we began real life. A time to go away with my husband and build a bond as husband and wife.

This didn’t happen.

I eventually stopped pestering my husband about going on a honeymoon. A honeymoon wouldn’t magically change anything and I needed God to change my attitude and heart to one of contentment instead. But then on Christmas morning, he handed me a present. I opened it to see a book staring back at me. A look of confusion flashed across my face because it was a book we already had in our library and then he whispered, “Open it.”

A book with more than I bargained for.

Inside the pages of the book, a piece of paper peeked out. I flipped to the page and opened the paper to see tickets to Cape Town tucked inside. If you know me, it shouldn’t shock you that those pesky tears sprang up.

Christmas gift for wife

My husband surprised me with tickets to Cape Town on Christmas! You can imagine the guilt I felt when I handed him his Christmas present – a book sans tickets to an exotic location.

The best part? I only had three weeks to wait until departing on our grand adventure.

Vacation is a travel adventure

Before my husband surprised me with tickets to Cape Town, the Lord had already given me a word for 2018. Live. I knew Cape Town would be the perfect place to kick off “living.”

In 2018, I want to write even more in my blog which I have sadly neglected this past year. I haven’t done much living as I settled into marriage and a completely new life in a foreign land. But as Henry Thoreau reminds me, “It is vain to sit down and write when you have not stood up to live.” 

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I want to live, Lord.

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  1. Way to go Ash! I’m glad you guys had that honeymoon, it looked like a great place to visit and a great starting point to LIVE! 🙂 Love you!

    1. Me too! Honestly, it DID change me in a lot of ways. Now, I want to travel the world as much as possible. 🙂 Love you too!

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