When rejection reveals your purpose

rejection can lead to finding purpose

Right after college, I went headfirst into a corporate environment. My goal was to get my foot in the door and rise up in the ranks. In typical Millennial fashion, a fire ignited inside of me at the thought of all the possibilities within my reach. To my surprise, I actually loved my job as an administrative assistant in the marketing department. As much as I found fulfillment in my current role, I knew I needed a career path that didn’t include getting coffee for the CMO or planning the lunch menu for an offsite. An administrative assistant position could only take me so far before I reached a dead end. The communications department drew my attention. I always wanted to be a storyteller and why not capture the stories of the talented, passionate people I worked with? A job opened up that was about four levels higher than my current position. I didn’t know this at the time, but it’s almost impossible to make that career move without some serious approvals. I approached my manager with the opportunity and he said, “Go for it!” With his blessing, I typed up my application in a frenzy. Was I naive? Possibly. […]

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Fear of Rejection

Over the years this paper slipped between the fridge and counter at my mom’s house. I still remember the day I was handed this tiny piece of paper. All the kids were chattering about their high school rank and wondering who would be at the top of the class. Nobody had announced it and everybody was eager to know. Intrigued, I hesitantly walked to the counselor’s office to find out where I stacked up on the list. She scribbled on this piece of paper, told me congratulations and passed it my way. Out of 505 students, I was number one. Perfect GPA. I folded this piece of paper so tightly you can still see the lingering crease marks from years ago. I was completely shocked. Once word got out, the kids at school no longer called me Tiffany, but referred to me as “number one.” I’m not sharing this to toot my horn or reminisce on the glory days. I’m sharing this because this fragment of paper represents my deeply rooted fear of rejection and failure that I’ve been paralyzed by for years. Would I have graduated first in my class? I don’t know. But what I do know is […]

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