Broken to Brand New

Last night, as I began packing up my apartment, I ran across a folded up piece of paper tucked between two books – hidden yet wanting to be found. It contained thoughts that I wrote in high school and one particular sentence shook me to my core. “I am fighting a lonely battle and by looking back at history you’ll easily see wars aren’t won with one soldier.” It took me back to those days of depression. The days of pretending I was perfect. The days I hid my pain in my academic performance and relationships. The days I started to find my escape in alcohol to numb my pain, yet make me come alive temporarily. The feeling of coming alive was fleeting.   As one feeling fleeted I looked to another substance, subject or source to fill that void inside instead of looking to my savior.In my letter I wrote “I wish I had strength, but I’ve failed everybody in my life.”It broke my heart. I wish the Tiffany of today could have been there to comfort this lost, vulnerable girl. I wish I could have wrapped my loving arms around her and whisper in her ear,  “It’s going to get […]

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